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Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. has more than 10 years of experience in the sales and distribution of metal and non-ferrous metal ore, as well as recycled scrap steel processing and distribution. We have developed a diversified sales channel throughout the country of China, providing ore and scrap steel suppliers with access to more than 100 small- and medium-sized metal and steel production facilities, as well as access to some of China’s large, state-operated foundries. As demand for steel continues to grow, this expansive client base provides our suppliers with a steady stream of business for both raw materials and scrap steel for recycling.

Armco Metals’ subsidiaries are strategically located throughout China, allowing us to capitalize on the country’s existing infrastructure to improve import and distribution logistics and costs. Our subsidiaries are located in the major port cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Lianyungang, as well as the mainland city of Zhengzhou. This allows Armco Metals to quickly and easily distribute recycled scrap steel and metal and non-ferrous metal ores throughout China. In addition, our recycling facility, Armet Renewable Resource, is located in the Jiangsu province, an area specified as the waste iron and scrap steel recycling processing pilot region for China. Jiangsu province was flanked by 11 steel mills with combined annual production of 20 million metric tons. Our Lianyungang operation is ideally situated to become the region’s recycled scrap steel leader.

Armco Metals engages in fair business practices and has the financial capital to ensure our suppliers receive payment immediately. The company has a total of $95,395,726 USD credit line from more than six banks in mainland and Hong Kong. As a U.S.-based Chinese company, we are highly regulated and pride ourselves in the reputation for credibility, dependability, and ethics we have achieved. Under the leadership of our experienced executive management team, Armco Metals continues to expand its sales and distribution channels to meet China’s growing steel production demands.

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