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Responsible Solutions for the Chinese Steel Market

For the foreseeable future, steel will remain the most effective means of construction for numerous industries. We can, however, find more responsible means for meeting this demand, with smart, sustainable options including the use of recycled scrap steel. China Armco Metals is dedicated to finding the most efficient, environmentally friendly options for meeting China’s steel industry demands, allowing our society to continue its growth while helping to slow climate change.

China Armco Metals believes in taking a responsible approach to steel production. In addition to our business practices, we have aligned our product offerings with this goal in mind, so that our company and our customers can share in a cleaner, more environmentally sound future.

Recycled Scrap Steel

China Armco Metals is dedicated to providing steel manufactures with solutions that are not only environmentally responsible but cost effective as well. More

Metal and Non-Ferrous Metal Ores

China Armco Metals’ extensive, proven sales and distribution channel has been reliably meeting customers’ metal and non-ferrous metal ore demands for more than a decade. More

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