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Armco (Lianyungang) Renewable Metals, Inc. 

Founded in January 2007, Armco (Lianyungang) Renewable Metals, Inc., is the core asset of Armco Metals, focused on recycling and processing scrap steel or use in China’s steel production industry. Located on 32 acres in the Banqiao Industrial Park in the Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu province, this state-of-the-art facility boasts one of the most advanced recycling systems in the worlda Texas Shredder Lindeman System. Currently, Armco Renewable Metals is designed capable of processing one million metric tons of scrap metal annually.

Armco Renewable Metals which located at Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province, offers numerous advantages to both our suppliers and customers. Jiangsu province is flanked by 11 steel mills with combined annual production of 20 million metric tons. The facility itself is located only five miles from Lianyungang seaport, one of China’s major deep-sea ports. These factors, along with easy access to the convenient highway system and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, make Lianyungang optimal for importing, processing, and distributing the recycled steel scrap.

In addition to the logistical benefits, the China Iron and Steel Association and the China Association of Metal Scrap Utilization have specified Lianyungang as the waste iron and scrap steel recycling processing pilot region for China. This gives Armco Renewable Metals additional advantages in terms government incentives to help the nation achieve its scrap metal consumption and energy and pollution reduction goals. 

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