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Armco Metals (Shanghai) Holding, Ltd.

Armco Metals (Shanghai) Holding, Ltd. was founded in July 2010. The company is located in ShanghaiChina's financial center. As the head office in China for the U.S.-based Armco Metals, Armco Metals Shanghai is mainly responsible for capital investments, finance and accounting, and cash flow management for the corporation. In addition, Armco Metals Shanghai manages the core businesses of the other four subsidiaries (Armco Metals International, Armet Renewable Resource, Armet Holdings, and Henan Armco & Metawise), which includes international trading of ore products with our suppliers, as well as the sourcing and distribution of scrap steel for reprocessing.

The location of Armco Metals Shanghai is strategic, as it helps Armco Metals develop and foster new business relationships inside and outside of the steel production, metal recycling, and metal distribution markets. As the largest eastern city and an advantageous international seaport, Shanghai is known as “China’s Business Window,” rapidly becoming the international economic, finance, and trading center for the country. 

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