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The Responsible Choice for the Chinese Steel Industry

Armco Metals holdings,Inc understands what it means to act responsiblyfor the environment and the customers, suppliers, and investors who partner with us.

For the Environment

As one of the largest metal recyclers in China, we are focused on finding sustainable, dependable, and environmentally friendly ways to meet the steel industry’s demands. This includes the construction of our 32-acre, state-of-the-art scrap metal recycling facility, Armet (Lianyungang) Renewable Resource Co., Ltd. Processing up to one million metric tons of scrap steel annually, our recycling operations help reduce pollution and save energy. In contrast to iron ore, steel produced from recycled scrap requires 60% less energy and reduces air and water pollution by 86% and 76%, respectively. By aligning ourselves with China’s green initiatives, Armco Metals is helping the government reach its scrap metal consumption goal of 20% by 2015.

For our Partners

Just as we are dedicated to the environment, Armco Metals is dedicated to our customers, suppliers, and investors, providing them with every advantage possible for business success. By utilizing more than 10 years of experience and insights, we have built a strong and diverse sales channel that capitalizes on existing infrastructure, price incentives, and business relationships. Our subsidiaries are located in key regions throughout the country, improving our ability to source quality scrap steel and metal ores; reduce the cost of and logistics behind transportation; and allow us to maintain and deepen personal relationship with our partners. Armco Metals has long-standing relations with more than 10 international metal suppliers and 100 small- and medium-sized Chinese steel production businesses, creating a steady, dependable supply and demand for quality product at excellent market values. And as the shift toward renewable solutions for the steel industry continues, Armco Metals will build upon this framework and expand our recycled scrap steel operations to meet this growing need.

Armco Metals Project Development

Armco Metals Holdings,Inc is one of the leading recycled scrap steel sales and distribution companies in China. With more than 10 years of experience in the sourcing and distributing metal and non-ferrous metal ore to the Chinese steel production industry, we have developed long-standing relationships with more than 100 small- and medium-sized metal producers throughout the country, as well as more than 10 international metal suppliers from countries such as Australia, South Korea, India, Brazil, and the United States. To learn more about our company as a whole or our future goals and plans for expansion, please select from the articles below.


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